[g8-int] call: Quake G8 2009 – We are your crisis!
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Quake G8 2009 – We are your crisis!

Demonstration on 4th of July 2009 in Berlin

italiano: www.gipfelsoli.org/Home/7223.html

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While the worldwide financial crisis and the struggles against it are
reinforcing, police and military are preparing for increasing protests
and resistance. The institutions of the „leading economic nations“ are
forced to reorganize, so this year´s summit of the selfappointed
„world leadership“ (Italy´s foreign minister Franco Frattini naming
the G8) stands entirely under the sign of this reorganisation.
On the agenda there are climate, resources, food and migration – as
security political risks for the industrial countries. Normally no
subject for G8 summits, Berlusconi wants to drive forward the
„regulation of the internet“.

The inofficial motto of the G8 issued by Frattini is called: „We
produce security“.
NATO, G8 and EU are supposed to collaborate more in the „struggle
against terrorism“ to secure the „chains of resources“. In the
„Tampere Programme“ (1999) and the „Hague Programme“ (2004) of EU
ministers of the Interior and of Justice decisions were made to
tighten up the migration politics and new departments were established
such as Europol and Frontex. A following restrictive „Stockholm
Programme“ shall be adopted in autumn 2009 under Swedish presidency.
Also envisaged are several missions of the „ European Gendarmerie
Squad“ in order to suppress insurrections in „crisis zones“.
In the „civil-military cooperation“ „Anti-Terror“ laws are functioning
as a shim for the militarization of social conflicts by NATO, G8 and
EU . Those are long since put into position as well against
anticapitalistic resistance to bring for example protests against
summits under control.

Compared to earlier mobilizations against the G8 summit the resistance
is considerable already now.
At the end of March the conference of the G8 Employment Secretaries
and Social Services Ministers was meeting in Rome. In the course of
the international action day 50000 were demonstrating against the
financial crisis and referred to the G8 for the first time since 2001.
Basic trade unionists, syndicalists and students were successfully
opposing to demonstration conditions.

In Treviso a public general meeting was held against the meeting of
the G8 ministers of agriculture. There were demonstrations against
environment destruction, industrial agriculture, nanotechnology and
genetic engineering. In Rome agricultural workers were striking for
eight hours. Activists of YaBasta had fenced in Benetton´s sales
outlet with barbed wire. In Roncade a laboratory for experiments with
genetically modified organisms was „sanctioned from below“, stones
were thrown onto greenhouses and surveillance cameras and „No GMO“ was
sprayed on walls: „This is our welcome greeting to the delegations of
all those considering themselves ruling the world on the back of
billions of people“, it says in a declaration.

In Syracusa/ Sicily 3000 people were demonstrating against the meeting
of the G8 environment ministers and related to this against
international military and commercial large-scale projects. Out of the
mobilization developed a permanent network to support social struggles
in the area.

In Torino 8000 people were participating at a nationwide demonstration
against a meeting of university directors of the G8 states. Helmeted
protesters carried big shields, built barricades and tried to break
through police chains. Fire extinguishers were put into position
against the police; a symbolic action following the gesture which
costed Carlo Giuliani´s life in 2001. The protests in Torino led to
the cancellation of the meeting of the G8 ministers of Science
scheduled in Monza.

Ten years after Seattle the group „Diggers 2.0“ is calling for
„solidarity out of the
rubble of Neoliberalism“. „What we need is crisis management from
below, a counterauthority of social movements with shovels in their
hands getting ready to build up a post-capitalistic world“.

At the meeting of the G8 ministers of the Interior 5000 people
demonstrated against their racist migration politics – this meeting
originally scheduled on Lampedusa had been postponed quickly after
riots in refugee camps. One week before 15000 people had been already
on the streets in Milano to show their protest against the Italian
security decrees.

Further protests against the G8 are announced. Before and during the
summit it is appealed for general meetings, actions and demonstrations
among others on Sardinia, in Lecce, Rome and Vicenza as well as in the
earthquake area around L´Aquila.

For informations about new developments in Italy as well as about the
trials against 25 activists due to the G8 2001 in Genua, look at:
http://g809.blogsport.de and www.gipfelsoli.org.

In order to support the Italian mobilization we are organizing for the
4th of July a demonstration in Berlin which has as its motto: “Quake
G8 2009 – We are your crisis!”

We are calling for pushing ahead in cross-border mobilizations in 2009
the development of a transnational struggle against the „architectures
of security“ no matter if they shall be constructed by NATO, G8 or the

Smash security architectures!
Shake G8 – Quake G8!
La storia siamo noi!

4th of July 2009
14.00 pm
Oranienplatz, Berlin

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